Make Love Not War

This line speaks truth in all types of relationships, whether it be political, family, your partner, work, or the community. Is this really the time to argue and be your own voice? Or do we want to focus in unity to combat what’s happening worldwide? 

Articles showcasing breakup/divorce rates are on a rise as couples can’t handle each other in quarantine. Social media has double the amount of fake news or negativity than before. I’ve lessened a huge time from Facebook to avoid seeing the chaos and to enjoy more peace to myself. 

As I look back, no wonder why I’ve had to cut out some relationships. It was all war, no love. So, remember the golden rule, if you want to make things work “make love not war” – and if that doesn’t happen, get out or do what will work. We’re wasting time speaking/arguing or all talk going nowhere. 

Covid-19 versus Chronic Illness.

Life is very unpredictable. It smashes you right in the face when you are actually cheering out. Like a billiard’s ball, it blows you with a simple stroke strong enough to make you wriggle all the way. Not long ago, who on this earth had imagined that the whole world will be under locked down or quarantine rules? And now, all of sudden, you are facing it (if you’re following the rules).

COVID-19 has attacked you! You’re not infected, but we are now seeing the effects of how it has attacked. The daily life you used to have is not what you can do at the moment. You have to practice social distancing, you can’t go outside, can’t sit at your favorite restaurants, and no one can reverse this scenario for you. The majority has no jobs at all for 4 weeks, while others may have lost much of their profits. Not only you are cautious about your health, but with the current economic situation, your financial future is not going to be the same as well.

What do you do now? Either whine how the government should run things or find alternatives? You can’t grow from what broke you! You have to balance risks by keeping your mental infrastructures intact. No gym? Go running outdoors. No meetings? Have a chatter on the internet. The point is, why beat yourself and others down when you can look at the positive aspect of things?

Guess what?
You’ve experienced a glimpse of what chronic illness individuals experience all the time. You have friends that live daily fighting or caring for someone with Autism, Cancer, Lupus, Endometriosis and other health issues that have prepared them for COVID-19. Ask them how it feels to not be able to work, be financially burdened when their illnesses are on the rise, balancing their energy if they can go out or not, deal with social sacrifices, find alternatives and balance their lives due to risks their body may fall into. And yet their face is smiling! They do not cry of panic for they know it won’t cure them. They do not complain of demise for they believe, rather in retaliating against it. Most of our leaders today fight a battle no one talks about. So, the next time you protest about your circumstances, think about them once. If they can do it, you have even more chances. If they can survive their chronic illnesses, then you can also make it against COVID-19!

Written by: Catherine Manlapaz #covid19thoughts