You fall in love 3 times

They say in life you fall in love with three different people or three times. The first, your highschool sweetheart. The second, the one you love most at the time. However, the second gives you the best and worst pain in life that teaches you the real experience to love. The third, it is impossible to be with due to challenges or obstacles that prevent you to be fully with them (you may or may not be with this person).

The thing is they never say who you end up being with. Is it the third one? Or does one of them come back? Is there a fourth person?

I know who my first and second love is for sure. But the third, there is someone in mind but I never loved him. Yet, he is all I think of each and every day for the past 4 years of my life. Did I even fall in love with the third and I did not know him yet? Or was it someone I’ve already loved in the past? The wonders of life as you try to understand yourself.

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