Too Skinny.

I get criticized by many that I’m too skinny. My goal for the past 7 years has always been to gain 20 pounds. It’s not easy due to certain foods I can’t eat. However, not just any 20 pounds. Extra weight by gaining lean muscle instead of body fat. Before I got pregnant, I was halfway to my goal, but it was a long process.

However, in that process I also got criticized for showing off for being fit or I’m a crazy fitness freak. In reality though, getting fit was the best part of my endometriosis journey. Instead of feeling pain every day, it became minimal as if I was almost pain free.

I feel saddened when I google “Endometriosis”. I come across articles or other blogs of women expressing their pain. I used to be just like that. Feeling pain every where, every day, sucking it up and looking pain free to the public. But inside, I wanted it to all go away. I’m not saying I’m at the best phase in life to overcome Endometriosis, but I’m glad I’m not in that type of pain anymore. If only others can find ways to heal the way I did, it would change everything in how they feel about themself, their life, their future and others around them.

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