As NYE 2017 was approaching..

I had typed this entry as 2016 ended for this blog. The main key word in the end I will explain in future entries.

First initial blog:

Locked the door of my studio that I just opened in beginning of 2016. Walked to my car, sat down, and smiled. Happy New Year to me. I opened a business, I went thru a whole lot the past year, but I survived. I’m not smiling for the accomplishment, i smile because of the efforts I made and never gave up. I’m smiling because I know 2017 will be a great year ahead.

I asked myself, when did I last feel like this? What am I feeling?

Confidence. The last time, was in 2013 when I traveled to Bangkok alone. If I was confident then, what happened after to make me go thru so much?

There was the answer I was looking for.  I didn’t hold onto that confidence. That was my mistake.

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